I observe this town
My mood is down
Walking by in this town
It’s make me feel down
A lot of cars
They make me take scars
Why the life is so hard?
Even if you poses a card
A crowd of people surround you
But nobody is by you.

It is strange when you need  a help
Nobody wants to see and open the door for you
You are in a bad mood ,in a sad mood.

Get up keep the fight
For your right
The thing is to be cleaver
Don’t let you down for ever and never!
Keep your kind of mind
Don’t think ‘I don’t mind’!
Boy there is a problem you don’t want to see
I am here even if you don’t want to see me
She is agree ,there’s a thouthand of poeple who need help
Don’t built a wall  for all
She needs the help
She asks from you that’s all
She is kind , she wants to rely on you
But you don’t want because you want another story …
She thinks it is strange ( believe her) 

V. S.L. , London the 19th of july (in front of Buckingham palace)
Elman Flame © Éditions
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